In the production of cured cheese it is necessary to regulate its maturation process, as well as to add certain components and additives that improve its quality, its preservation and its appearance. Plastic coatings are the solution to both requirements.

These plastic coatings, such as those in the VIPLAST® range developed at Concentrol laboratories, let cheese makers optimize their production and have absolute control over the quality of the cheese. VIPLAST® coatings for cured cheese are made of polyvinyl acetate, also known as PVA, and can be formulated in a very versatile way with additives to provide certain properties desired by the producer. It is possible to choose from a wide catalogue of colours for painting the cheese while allowing a glossy, satin or matte finish as desired. All plastic coatings in the VIPLAST® range are non-toxic, do not run to the interior of the cheese or influence the smell or taste of the treated sample and comply with EU Regulation Nº10/2011 on plastic materials and objects intended to come into contact with food and the German standard BfR Chapter XIV, part B.

At Concentrol we have long experience in chemical solutions for the food sector and we develop high quality plastic coatings that act during and after the maturation stage, regulating the loss of moisture and protecting the cheese against the unwanted growth of microorganisms such as molds and yeasts. They also protect the cheese from material damage during transportation and allow for a specific final appearance in terms of colour and texture.

There are many advantages to using polyvinyl acetate (PVA) coatings developed by Concentrol compared to other alternatives. For example, in certain markets plastic bags are used for the maturation process, which do not transpire, instead of coatings such as VIPLAST that do transpire. The second process is much better as regards flavour and aromas obtained thanks to the transpiration of the gases in the maturation.

VIPLAST coatings also allow a dry base for the adhesion of other coatings added at the end of maturation such as coloured paraffin waxes. Paraffin waxes do not adhere directly to the surface of the cheese and an intermediate product such as VIPLAST is necessary. In the same way, it can also be used so that the product labels adhere to the surface.

Concentrol does not only provide a high quality product with an excellent cost-effectiveness ratio, but also has a technical team, one of its best assets, working together with the customer to find specific solutions that adapt to the production process and to the producer’s needs. Likewise, the customer is supported at all times to provide the necessary information to achieve an optimal product application.

If you are interested in knowing more details about the PVA plastic coatings in the Concentrol VIPLAST® range, contact us and our commercial-technical team will study in detail your needs in order to provide customized solutions.