The local soccer team of Les Planes d’Hostoles, the Futbol Club Les Planes (C.F. Les Planes) will have new locker rooms and a meeting space thanks to the agreement signed between the City Council of Les Planes d’Hostoles and Concentrol.

The locker rooms and new space occupy 300m2 and the purchase is valued at 75.000 euros. In exchange for the transfer, the City Council of Les Planes d’Hostoles has committed to name the football stadium after Josep Guàrdia Rodà (son of Concentrol’s founder and father of the current executives of the company) for, at least, the next 50 years.

Josep Guàrdia Rodà was always linked to the team of Les Planes. He set down in writing that he wanted to continue supporting football, therefore, it is a great satisfaction for Concentrol to be able to fulfill his will. We are proud to collaborate with the town where Concentrol was founded in 1941 and, at the same time, support local football.

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