Concentrol has been in the field of demolding products for almost 50 years, and is today a benchmark in demolding agents. The company’s great commitment to innovation guarantees the quality and reliability of its products. Concentrol has a worldwide network of partners and distributors in order to offer high quality chemical solutions to producers worldwide with all the facilities and guarantees possible.

Concentrol studies the particular situation of each client to provide tailor-made solutions to meet their needs, providing an optimal quality-to-cost ratio of the release agents used, allowing them to minimize the costs of the different stages of production as well as give an excellent finish to the pieces.

In this article we present the case study of the company Espumas Moldeadas Internacional (ESMOINSE) (Barcelona) dedicated to the production of pieces of molded polyurethane foam.

The company ESMOINSE manufactures, among other products, protective knee pads for hockey players made of flexible polyurethane foam with integral skin. These kneepads are formed by means of molds to which it is necessary to apply demolding agents that allow an easy extraction of the piece, at the same time that they provide the surface with the desired finish. Concentrol has the LP IDC-5-12 CR and LP IC-227 CES release agents that cover ESMOINSE’s needs for the production of these knee pads. Both references are release agents with an excellent release capacity even in difficult areas. The release agent is applied by means of a spray gun that allows a homogeneous film to be formed on the mold, providing the necessary quantity of active material for demolding and avoiding excessive soiling of molds. A reference or another will be chosen depending on the working temperatures in the production of the knee pads and the desired finishes, i. e. satin-finish or satin-matt.

In the following video you can see the process of applying the release agents and the result:

Concentrol’s technical team reviews in detail the specific requirements of each manufacturer in order to offer the solution that best suits your needs.

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