Concentrol’s Partnership Program, which we introduced a few months ago, is now developed and active. This initiative opens the door to establish partnerships with distributors and to offer, together, better service and quality.

Concentrol makes available to program partners different services and solutions that bring benefits and results from this collaboration:

– Business development: support and advice on business potential development.
– Chemical solutions: Concentrol’s full range of chemical solutions that stand out because of their competitiveness and high quality available to partners.
– Innovation and research: a key pillar in Concentrol’s strategic model, now also available to partners.
– Training: to join efforts, Concentrol will offer staff training and certification to offer customers the best solutions.
– Commitment: Concentrol will accompany its partners throughout the partnership to consolidate business and guarantee successful results.

Our commitment to quality and service is key to the development of our business and we want to share it to join forces so that our solutions can reach more people. If you are a distributor and are interested in the benefits of Concentrol’s Partnership Program contact us.