Betting on research and the transmission of new ideas is always a priority for Concentrol. For this reason, the chemical company collaborates with several agents in the sector, such as the magazine Urethanes Technology International, which are benchmarks in the dissemination of technical and scientific knowledge. The Urethanes magazine has become this year 35 years old. In its special birthday edition, Concentrol wished to dedicate a congratulatory note to it, wishing it more joint success.

Urethanes Technology International is one of the pioneering magazines in the polyurethane sector on an international scale. The main companies in the sector publish articles on research, innovations and solutions. Their mission is to gather knowledge about the business and to monitor commercial and technical developments within the world’s leading companies in the polyurethane sector.

And that’s not all. The magazine has unrivalled global coverage, thanks to a worldwide network covering events in North America, Europe, South America and the Far East. Urethanes Technology organizes one of the most important events in the chemical sector: the international UTECH exhibitions in Europe, North America, Asia and the Americas.

Concentrol would like to thank Urethanes Technology International for its informative work. For this reason, this year, in the celebration of the 35 years of the magazine, we wish you many more to come and, especially, by our side. It is a privilege to be close to agents who watch over innovation and the exchange of their knowledge on a daily basis. This is the way to our ultimate goal: to bring the best solutions to our customers around the world.