On June 17th, the Transport Association of Girona (ASETRANS) held its Annual Assembly where Concentrol was present to offer our point of view. The president of the association is Eduard Ayach of Ayach Logística, while the vice president is Alejandro Gilabert of TEISA.

Held at the Eden Park Hotel, this gathering brought together small and medium-sized carriers with representatives of large companies dedicated to transport, along with companies from Girona and logistics managers such as Concentrol’s. With the aim of creating a dialogue between carriers and companies on current issues in the world of logistics, a discussion was held with the presence of a moderator after a round of presentations by each of the companies.

To conclude the meeting, a round of questions was held where Concentrol spoke about the need to adapt to the industry’s offerings, the great asset for the company that are the carriers and our vision of the future on transportation, which lies on real time information, thanks to apps and the control and tracking of incidents.