Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is an essential part of the Concentrol’s company philosophy, and the reason why Concentrol has recently collaborated with Lymbus’ and Plant for the Planet’s projects, which are aimed to raise awareness about the importance of protecting the environment.

Our commitment to excellence also involves a commitment to the improvement of humanity, society and the environment. For this reason, part of Concentrol’s resources are dedicated to collaborating and sponsoring companies and activities carrying out activities related to the aforementioned areas.

Plant for the Planet, “Stop talking. Start planting”

This foundation aims to plant trees around the world. The funding comes through private and corporate donors such as Concentrol. Plant for the Planet started in 2007 as an idea by ​​Felix Finkbeiner, a 9 year-old boy. Inspired by the Kenyan Wangari Maathai, Finkbeiner proposed that the world’s children plant a million trees in all countries of the globe. The organization carries out practical and symbolic fight against climate change with the slogan “Stop talking. Start planting.” This campaign had considerable media impact, with young Felix covering the mouths of personalities and celebrities such as Harrison Ford, Prince of Monaco Albert II, Philip VI King of Spain, etc. even taking part and influencing at the United Nations. Currently, the goal is to have planted 1 billion trees by 2020.

Lymbus “The green wall show” Comediants and Marc Grañén

Lymbus is a show created by Comediants (a group formed by actors, musicians and artists of all kinds devoted entirely to the world of creation) and Marc Grañén (landscape architect and creator of spaces with sustainable vocation). The collaboration between these two professionals from the theater/arts and gardening/interior worlds has resulted in Lymbus; a show that runs while a green wall is being built. The show can be played anywhere, indoor or outdoor, since it can be adapted to any location, and once the wall is done, it can be relocated anywhere The aim of the show is to bring awareness to the public about the protection of nature while encouraging us to appreciate its beauty.