During the time it takes you to wash your hands properly, the lives of two women will have changed forever. Every 15 seconds a woman in the world is diagnosed with breast cancer. And, to change this reality, the AECC (Spanish Association Against Cancer) works to educate in health, support those who are sick and fund research projects. To help with the campaigns to raise awareness of the cause on World Breast Cancer Day, Concentrol collaborated with the organisation to do its bit in the fight against the disease.

“Saca pecho por ellas”.  Under this slogan, the Spanish Association Against Cancer wanted to disseminate and raise awareness of the latest campaign against breast cancer. Since 1953, the AECC has been leading all efforts to help people with cancer and to fight the disease from all fronts. Its fight is divided into three main areas of action: health education, support and accompaniment of sick people and their families, and promotion of research.

But to be able to carry out these lines of action, the AECC needs people and entities that collaborate with the cause to finance research projects and provide tools and resources to sick people and their families. This year, Concentrol has participated in this fight by buying solidarity bracelets for each of our workers. In addition, we have also tried to raise awareness about the disease by hanging posters around the company and sending an email to workers with information.

A company is much more than an entity that carries out a commercial activity. At Concentrol we believe that as an entity that is part of society, we have to bet day after day to build a society for all. The fight against breast cancer requires solidarity and collaboration from the population: from individuals to groups. Only by joining forces can we help these women that, every 15 seconds, are diagnosed with breast cancer.