Being in a constant process of improvement and reconstruction is an essential task to offer and deliver the best solutions to customers. In Concentrol, following this important mission, we are working day by day to renew the facilities. At present, the chemical company is building the new warehouse 4 and a storage facility for ADR products, thus increasing the total storage capacity and creating a new dispatch area.

On the one hand, work is being done on the construction of a new warehouse, which will be located right next to warehouse 3. With this new warehouse, a new linear process flow will be achieved, which will be more orderly and controlled, separating the processes of entry and exit of goods in two different warehouses. This new warehouse will incorporate loading docks where the trucks will be loaded. On the other hand, a storage facility for ADR products with a capacity of 1,500 locations is being built.

To achieve excellence in our products we have to weave a path, day by day, and bet on becoming better every day. Investigating the company’s internal processes allows us to analyse them and be aware of everything we can do better, to change them and be as efficient and decisive as possible. These new facilities make it possible for Concentrol to continue growing, achieving a better process between the input of raw materials and the output of the finished product. In this way, we will be able to improve the traffic of goods and boost one of the most important aspects of our production.