… on silicone stabiliser issues.

On the 6th and 7th of April, CONCENTROL participated as an exhibitor and speaker at UTECH North America, a biennial event in North Carolina (USA) about the state of polyurethane in different industries. The event, aside from hosting exhibitors, included a series of conferences in order to transfer knowledge on key aspects of the industry.

Besides having a booth displaying commercial information, CONCENTROL was part of the official conference programme with a presentation by Mr. Josep Nadal – PhD in Chemical Sciences and Technical Director for additives in the production of PU – who spoke about the “Effect of silicone stabiliser reactivity on the properties of rigid polyurethane foams”. During the conference, Mr. Nadal showed and explained to the audience the results of the tests and experiments that have been carried out by CONCENTROL’s labs, around the incidence of reactivity and how it affects the final results for rigid foams in polyurethane lamination.

The attendees of UTECH North America include companies in several industries: automotive, construction, furniture, sanitary ware, paint/coatings, transportation, footwear, bedding, marine and offshore, electrical engineering, building, clothing, household goods as well as general engineering and aeronautics. UTECH is a perfect gathering place, it offers suppliers for the polyurethane market an opportunity to showcase their products, meet potential customers and source new business.