Research and development are two fundamental pillars in Concentrol’s work philosophy. Attending and participating in informative acts in the chemical sector is therefore a priority. On November 11 and 12, the chemical company will actively participate in the Pre Conference of Querétaro 2019 with a presentation on the choice of a mold release agent for footwear. Xavier Sánchez, Area Manager of Concentrol, with the collaboration of TechBro, will be responsible for carrying out this training event.

The presentation will revolve around three major themes: the choice of the most suitable release agent for polyurethane footwear and the parameters to take into account; the market trends of polyurethane release agents; and finish with water based release agents for Phylon. The technician, during the first point, will also talk about factors considered in the election, release agents for bidensity and other factors to consider. In addition, Sánchez will explain the latest sustainable solutions based on VOC minimums.

The Pre Conference consists of 4 specialized intensive courses, which take place over two days. They are born with the desire to become a work space on specific issues that affect professionals in the sector. The event is part of the XV Latin American Conference on Rubber Technology, held on November 13, 14 and 15 in Querétaro, Mexico. The Latin American Rubber Technology Society and the Querétaro Automotive Cluster are the entities responsible for organizing the various events, all with the mission of spreading the latest technological trends and generating relevant business contacts between participants.

After 25 years of experience, the Latin American Rubber Technology Days have become the most important event in the industry throughout its region. Participating in conferences and events of this type, allows to disseminate Concentrol solutions around the world and, in addition, actively collaborate in research and joint development among agents of the same sector.