“Leaders of the unseen”: this is how Concentrol defines its goal as a company. The chemical solutions company is committed to devising and delivering the best possible solutions to its customers. Some of these solutions are not visible to the naked eye, but they are solutions that play a fundamental role in our lives even if we are not aware of it. For this reason, Concentrol has launched a video to make known the application and importance of its products for the automotive sector.

The range of solutions for the automotive sector is based on such essential products as release agents for polyurethane foam, used, for instance, for the manufacture of seats and soundproofing (flexible PU), steering wheels and air filters (integral PU), control panel and sunshades (integral rigid PU); mold release agents for composite materials used in the manufacture of brake systems, door panels or roof linings; water-based stickers for the repair of flexible polyurethane foams; additives for surface finishes; cleaners for the maintenance of working molds, and other auxiliary products for these and other parts of the vehicle

At Concentrol we work day after day to discover, plan and produce the best chemical solutions. But we also work to make these solutions available and to make them known in order to reach our customers and satisfy their needs. This time, we wanted to show the importance of chemical products in car manufacturing. Even if you do not see them, we can see that, in our day-to-day work, they play a fundamental role.

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