Research and development are two fundamental pillars for Concentrol. Maintaining a direct contact with the world of training allows us to be close to new talent with innovative ideas to solve specific problems. On April 10, the chemical company attended like every year the Industrial Forum of the Polytechnic School of the University of Girona, which is the twentieth edition of the event.

The Industrial Forum is a job fair that brings together students and companies in order to establish professional relationships. During the day the companies were able to expose and report on their activities from their stand. Also, during the event lectures, talks and interviews were held with the aim of transmitting technological knowledge to companies and bringing the professional world closer to university students.

Concentrol was able to get in touch with many of these university students during the past month of March. The chemical solutions company was one of the few companies that opened its doors to students of the Polytechnic School, where they were able to learn about the production activities and development of the company, and the functions performed daily.

Concentrol participated in the Industrial Forum actively from a stand, where they were able to show the reality of the company to interested students and explain its three major areas: food, mold release and chemical specialties. The day was a success for the chemical company, as many of the students of the Polytechnic School who visited Concentrol on March approached the stand to continue learning about the company, confirming the good feelings received during the visit. In this way, a direct contact was established with the students to discover their objectives and motivations.

The connection of Concentrol with certain agents of society linked to the research and transmission of knowledge is basic for the company. Through the Doctorate Plan of the University of Girona, it is committed to the transfer of knowledge between the professional world and the university world. The constant commitment in R+D+I brings new ideas, in order to obtain the best solutions for the customers of Concentrol from all over the world.