One of Concentrol’s vital goals is to be able to deliver our solutions around the world. For this reason, the products need to be advertised and made visible to all who need them. Therefore, the chemical company, aware of the importance of being present in the digital world, has opened an Instagram account, in order to break into an expanding network that allows content to be broadcast in a direct way.

Precisely, the chemical solutions company seeks to increase its presence on digital channels and continue following a path to one of the most essential tools of our day-to-day life: social networks. Through Instagram, Concentrol will be able to showcase its solutions and share valuable content, in a visual and open way to all users of the network.

At Concentrol we continue betting on the options and possibilities offered by the digital world. Social networks are a showcase where you can show and send all kinds of messages. We want our customers to have a channel where they can discover our catalogue of solutions; and at the same time, we want to interact and establish a new communication tool between company, suppliers, customers and collaborators.

You can join our Instagram community following this link.