One of Concentrol’s strengths is based on the research and development process. This implies maintaining direct contact with the sector’s agents and participating in informative events. On October 22nd, the chemical company participated in the XXVIII Technical Congress, organized by ASEFAPI. The Novotel Madrid Center welcomed more than 300 outstanding professionals from the paint and printing ink manufacturing sector.

After 27 editions, this year’s edition was presented as a new opportunity to get to know the sector’s innovations and the perspective it has in a world in constant change and, therefore, with new needs. In fact, the congress revolved around the sustainability linked to the manufacturing process and distribution of chemical solutions. In addition, fundamental aspects of the new European legislation in the paint manufacturers’ sector were discussed.

During the day, more than 25 companies of the sector made presentations. Under the premise of a sustainable view of the planet, speakers were able to present the latest solutions in multifunctional coatings, biocide-free paints, empty microspheres in elastomeric coatings, biocides and defoamers and wood varnishes, among others.

The congress was a great success and fulfilled all expectations. To such an extent that this edition broke attendance records. The event managed to be a meeting point for professionals in the sector, new needs and, above all, the latest solutions. Concentrol was able to create new commercial alliances with suppliers and manufacturers with a vision of progress and future.

At Concentrol, we would like to thank ASEFAPI for their work and wish them more years of collaboration. To be able to share the knowledge and research carried out by our technicians is an opportunity to make ourselves known and to make our solutions reach the whole planet. Along these lines, ASEFAPI shared on its website some of our latest sustainable solutions: the new range of defoamers based on biodegradable vegetable oils, without emissions and very effective.

Concentrol will continue to bet on events where knowledge and quality commercial relationships are shared, in line with new market trends. We participate in congresses such as ASEFAPI to be able to develop quality chemical solutions for our customers.