Concentrol has a firm commitment with the territory and with the activities related to its values. This is the reason for the sponsorship with Les Planes Town Council and its Football Club, a collaboration that is a source of pride for the company, since the support given for the improvement of the sports facility will be very useful for the Club and its members, representing a remarkable improvement of the facilities at the service of the people of Les Planes.

Concentrol has supported the improvement of the facilities in the shower and changing room area, as well as those in the meeting area and the bar area. As for the changing rooms, these are two spaces with a capacity of 20 and 25 people respectively and a small space for referees.

The new facilities are already in operation, and although they have not yet been officially inaugurated, it is expected to be done in the coming months. At the end of the season, CF Les Planes is also planning to improve its pitch, as it will be laying artificial turf.
The Football Club and the Town Hall of Les Planes have shown great appreciation to Concentrol for their sponsorship, which has been key to the substantial improvement of this important facility for the town’s population.

As a result of this collaboration, the Town Hall of Les Planes committed itself to naming the sports facility “Josep Guàrdia i Rodà”. Father of the current directors, Josep Guàrdia i Rodà was always closely linked to the town’s team.

At Concentrol we continue supporting football and, therefore, this project and this collaboration are very satisfactory for the company.