At Concentrol we believe that both the mobile and the goal of our activity is to make the world a better place, either through our main activity or collaborating with other entities to develop social projects. Last May, the chemical company opened a sponsorship agreement with the female youth team, AE Cornellà del Terri. The team, with the collaboration of other companies, was able to participate in the international MICFootball7 tournament.

The AE Cornellà del Terri female youth team was able to fulfill a dream: to play against teams like Barca, Atletico de Madrid, Paris Saint Germain, Bayern Munich, FC Porto or Olympique Lyonnais. They made it possible at the MICFootbal7 tournament, one of the most recognized soccer tournaments worldwide in terms of participation of the quarries of the main football clubs around the world. For the first time in the history of the MICFootball7, this year’s edition counted with the participation of a female youth group competing against male teams.

The 12 players that make up the AE Cornellà del Terri team, along with their coaches Jessica and Judit, started a funding campaign that involved finding sponsors. It was a success and the players were able to finance the tournament registration, their stay and the equipment. Precisely, in this last one was reflected the collaboration with Concentrol: the front part of the shirt wore the logo of the chemical company.

Being an economic agent entails a commitment to society. As a company, Concentrol wants to contribute value to society and become, day after day, an agent of social revitalization and economic and scientific development. Being close to society and being fully aware of the external reality of the company allows us to fulfill one of the most vital missions: to make the world a better place for everyone.