Relying on knowledge, research and technical and scientific progress is essential for Concentrol. This is why the chemical company is in constant contact with professionals in the sector, to always be aware of the latest news. On September 17 and 18, the chemical company will attend the International Congress on Adhesion and Adhesives, which will be held in San Sebastián, in the Basque Country.

In this year’s edition, the 20th of the congress, topics such as the formulation of adhesives and new trends, surface treatments, characterization techniques of adhesives and surfaces and the application of adhesives of industrial interest will be discussed. Aspects related to the role of adhesives to develop solutions that combine different materials will be addressed. During the event, innovative and sustainable proposals can be seen for all sectors that require the technology that facilitates bonding by adhesives. In addition, this year, the Workshop will revolve around multimaterial structures.

Once again, the event wants to consolidate itself as one of the highest international referents in adhesion, debating and sharing knowledge around adhesives: characterization techniques, industrial applications, adhesion engineering, surface treatments and durability of the joints. The attendees will be able to learn about the innovations of the sector, the new options in the market and the applications of the union using adhesives.

Concentrol will not only be present in the event, but is also one of the main sponsoring companies of the XX International Congress of Adhesion and Adhesives, for the third consecutive year. The chemical company will be able to take requests and answer questions from its table in the congress. The best way to find innovative solutions for the needs of our customers is looking for them. And this implies investing in technical and scientific development and promoting spaces for the exchange of ideas and solutions between agents in the sector.

Trends change and Concentrol wants to provide the latest in innovation to its customers, researching and investing in resources to improve their chemical solutions every day. Attending the congress allows the company to support a rising sector and keep up with the trends that the market will follow.