It is said that what is important cannot be seen by the naked eye. And this is where the power of research is born: to discover reality and find the best solutions for society as a whole. Concentrol, year after year, launches the campaign “Leaders of the unseen”, wanting to show, precisely, solutions that play a fundamental role in our daily lives even if we are not aware of it. This year, in its sixth edition, the campaign features air filters and soundproofing elements for the car. Concentrol presents tailor-made solutions for the manufacture of these two parts, within the families of stabilizers and release agents for polyurethane foams.

In previous editions, “Leaders of the unseen” has presented solutions for home thermal insulation, sofas, walls, shoe soles or fundamental applications in the transport sector. Through its four divisions, Performance Materials, Food Processing Aids, Additives and Adhesives, the chemical company designs and manufactures products such as polyurethane release agents and foams, silicone stabilizers, water-based contact adhesives, mould cleaners and auxiliary products.

Although we don’t see them, they’re there. Chemicals play a major role in our day-to-day lives, even though we can’t find them in their various applications. Many of the objects we use would not exist or lose part of their usefulness without these chemical solutions. Concentrol, from the first day of life, is committed to research and knowledge, bearing in mind that this is the only way to invent and bring the best solutions to society as a whole and to the entire planet.