Research is a key process in Concentrol’s day-to-day activity. Precisely, one of the great vital purposes of the company is to work on finding new solutions that adapt to the needs of customers. In this line, we have published the white paper “21st Century Release Agents”, which compiles the studies on mold release agents developed in Concentrol’s R&D laboratories.

Mold release agents are a chemical substance used to prevent other materials from adhering to surfaces and molds. Without the use of a release agent that fits the type of application, a loss of production efficiency may result. Therefore, a good release agent plays a vital role in manufacturing in various industrial sectors, such as automotive, footwear, furniture, rest systems and construction.

Concentrol specializes in the research and development of polyurethane foam mold release agents; water-based, solvent-based and co-solvent-based. It is not surprising that the chemical solutions company focuses its latest white paper on this product, of which it has a long experience producing it. Thus, the safety and efficiency of the product is guaranteed through various studies with the technical detail of Concentrol’s latest-generation release agents.

Commitment to research, excellence and development are reflected in Concentrol’s daily work. The company continues to search for the best solutions for current market needs. In this case, we want the customer to have the certainty that the solutions in custom release agents offered by Concentrol cover their needs, while complying with all rules and regulations.