The commitment to research and development is one of the seeds that make a company grow. Studies are carried out by the various specialized areas of Concentrol to verify the efficiency and quality of the various solutions produced and developed by the company’s expert team. The last published whitepaper titled “Food defoamers”, collects research on the EMULTROL DFM range in its use applied to various food industries.

Defoamers are key products in many industrial processes. Its use allows to increase the productive capacity and the quality of the final products, since the control and the reduction of foam levels has a positive impact on the performance of the production processes. The food industry is one of the most demanding of these types of products.

Concentrol produces food defoamers based on silicone and defoamers based on vegetable oils. The company’s food defoamers cover a wide variety of applications, including: oils and fats for frying, frozen, fresh or processed vegetables, jams and marmalades, cereals, broths, soups, sauces, protein products, meat brines, beverages, cider and fruit juices.

After a long experience in chemical solutions for the food sector, from Concentrol laboratories we provide a wide catalog of solutions for the preservation, protection, preparation and finishing of products. In line with current market needs, at Concentrol we continuously develop studies in order to continue delivering the best solutions around the world and thus satisfy the needs of the sector.