A company is one more piece of society. That is why social commitment must always be above all else. And even more so now, in the midst of the Covid-19 crisis. The world is going through difficult times and Concentrol is no exception. The company, once again reaffirming its role within society, has decided to do everything in its power to help combat the situation.

Concentrol has decided to implement measures and take action. Always, having the common good, safety and health of all the company’s employees on the horizon. Therefore, besides promoting measures to minimize risks for workers, suppliers and customers, it has adjusted production to the needs of the moment. In this sense, the company is actively collaborating in the supply of hydroalcoholic gel for: customers, public administration, supermarkets, transport companies and security forces.
In addition, Concentrol continues to operate in order to supply essential sectors, such as food and paper.

We would like to thank all the people who, under the premise of social responsibility, are doing their best to fight this crisis. Concentrol, following its philosophy, is clear about its role within society and will do everything in its power to help and contribute its grain of sand. As has been demonstrated during these days, a committed and responsible population is capable of responding to this crisis. Together we will succeed.