Knowledge is one of the most powerful means to be better day by day. Concentrol maintains a firm commitment in research, development and investigation. This past March, the Center for Industrial Technology Development (CITD) gave financial assistance to the chemical company in order to carry out the project “R&D of a new range of polyurethane dispersions with components from renewable and sustainable sources”.

Concentrol will be able to start working on the research for renewable and sustainable materials to forge a new range of polyurethane dispersions for its divisions of release agents and chemical specialties. This product is used both for coating and as an adhesive. It stands out for generating a series of conditions that increase the resistance of the materials, thus preserving the aesthetics of the substrate and its properties.

Developing a new product that respects the environment and the sustainability of the planet has become a goal for Concentrol. Polyurethane dispersions are one of the most demanded solutions of the chemical industry and, therefore, it is essential to be able to offer an equally efficient alternative but is optimal for the planet, reducing the environmental footprint of our production processes.

In Concentrol we are clear that to give more value to our activity we have to continue betting on Research and Development. Finding new solutions that fit a world in constant change is vital to be more efficient and more sustainable. The transmission of knowledge allows us to align the needs of customers with those of our planet, offering the best solutions for all parts.