Recently, Concentrol has launched a new design for the containers used for composite materials mold release agents. The new aesthetic follows the brand image and colors – blue and white, for the mold release division of Concentrol – and is elegant, simple, clear and functional. These containers can be found in 5 or 1 liter formats.

A composite material is a mixture of at least two non-miscible materials – ie, they can not be dissolved or mixed – so as to form a new material but which when observed macroscopically remain two separate materials. In this way, the new material possesses properties that the individual components did not possess, such as more tenacity, more resistance, durability, etc. An example would be adobe, the mixture of straw and mud that made the bricks for the construction of houses in many cultures or carbon fiber, used by multitude of industries.

The manufacture of composite materials involves shaping these new materials and, therefore, the need to conform or use other systems to give the desired shape. Sometimes specific release agents must be used to avoid damaging the new part and to ensure that its properties remain intact. For these cases, Concentrol has a range of release agents for solvent based and water based composites.