To be in constant transformation and to adapt to the needs of the moment are two almost obligatory tasks for the good internal functioning of any company. Since last November, the chemical company has made a change to the PROMELT brand. From now on, the Concentrol range of hotmelt adhesives restructures its portfolio under the NETMELT brand.

With this restructuring, the word NETMELT will be accompanied by a descriptive element to help differentiate the different subfamilies within hotmelt adhesives. Thus, the family division is classified into NETMELT PC, NETMELT TACK, NETMELT PLUS and NETMELT PUR.

These transformations will make it possible to segment Concentrol’s product portfolio, which in recent years has experienced a strong growth in references. On the other hand, the use of a single brand has been chosen to facilitate the rapid identification of the characteristics shared by each subfamily. In addition, NETMELT facilitates the grouping of all chemical solutions of hotmelt adhesives under a single umbrella brand.

Concentrol continues to grow and this means new challenges and new needs to be met. This change represents an improvement to be more efficient and clear when communicating our products. It is clear to us that our mission is to meet the needs of our customers. Therefore, we have to put all our efforts and work in bringing our solutions as close as possible to the customers.