One of the most important goals for Concentrol is being able to deliver the best solutions to all of its customers around the world. This means becoming aware of the diverse cultural needs of the planet and working to develop products accessible to all. Concentrol, true to its commitment, has renewed the Kosher certification until July 2020.

Kosher refers to foods that are handled and prepared according to the laws of the Kashrut, the set of Jewish dietary laws of the Torah. Kosher certification takes into account the composition and production process of the product, paying special attention to the preparation and cleaning of the machinery used.

This recognition, supervised by the Federation of Jewish Communities of Spain, guarantees that all certified products are suitable for consumption according to the Jewish religion and respecting the laws of the holy book. This year, Concentrol has not only renewed the certificate of last year’s 57 references, but has extended its offer to 73 references.

At Concentrol, we want to continue betting on our internationalization process, in order to deliver solutions across the planet. That is why we reaffirm, year after year, our commitment to all the needs of our customers. The Kosher certification allows us to differentiate ourselves as a company, both in the social and cultural field, and in the international distribution of our products.