Commitment to innovation is key in order to be able to offer the best possible solutions. Concentrol is in a constant process of modernization and renovation and is going through a phase of expansion around the world. With the goal of bringing Concentrol products around the world, the aim is to improve the customer experience by reorganising its division of areas of activity into Performance Materials, Food Processing Aids, Additives and Adhesives.

Therefore, Concentrol goes from being divided into three major areas, to doing so into four. This significant change is due to the fact that the former division of Chemical Specialities will be included, from now on, in two divisions; Additives and Adhesives. Both new divisions respond to multiple needs through an extensive catalogue of solutions.
Firstly, Additives has a significant weight in the paper industry, pressure sensitive adhesives, paints, wastewater treatments, inks, textiles and leather, offering antifoaming agents, resin dispersions, silicone surface additives, wax and silicone emulsions and other auxiliary products.

Secondly, in recent years Concentrol has specialized in developing new solutions in adhesives. The Adhesives division allows solutions to be delivered in polyurethane hot-melts; hot-melt or water-based adhesives for sectors such as the graphic industry, cardboard, mattresses, labelling, automotive, furniture and the cork sector, among others.

Additionally, there is also a change in the naming of each division. In line with the internationalization process that the company is undergoing, from now on each division is called by its technical name in English. Thus, the old Mold Release Agents is renamed Performance Materials and the Food division becomes the new Food Processing Aids.

The Performance Materials Division produces a wide variety of ancillary products for the processing industry. Concentrol presents an extensive catalogue in it: mold release agents for polyurethane foams, silicone stabilizers or surfactants for polyurethane foams, mold cleaners and other auxiliary products. These solutions are especially aimed at the automotive, footwear, furniture and mattress industries.

Regarding the Food Processing Aids Division, the area specializing in food provides various solutions for the preservation, protection and processing. Coatings for cheeses and cold meats have an important weight in this division.

One of Concentrol’s strongest goals is to grow and continue this phase of international expansion. In this line, the company wants to ensure the best customer experience on all communication platforms. The 4 Concentrol divisions are another sign of the guidelines on which the company is based: specialization, research and internationalization.