Research and development are two key pillars in Concentrol’s philosophy. They are processes that are the basis for the transmission of knowledge and the creation of new solutions. The chemical company has a firm commitment with R+D+I projects and, for this reason, it looks for unions with other companies and knowledge centres. The last of these is membership of the Packaging Cluster: an alliance of 87 active members between companies, research centres and other entities.

The Packaging Cluster was created in 2012, through the alliance of Catalan companies, knowledge centres and entities that form part of the value chain in R+D, Raw Materials and Intermediate Products; Machinery; Peripherals and End-of-Line; Packaging Manufacturers; and End Users. Through networking and knowledge transfer, the aim of this congregation is to generate more and better business for active members of the packaging sector.

In order to promote new sustainable business opportunities and competitiveness among companies, the Packaging Cluster is committed to several actions: R+D+I projects, intercluster workshop, technical and innovation conferences, internationalization and global positioning, reflection and strategic change and, finally, training and talent recruitment. All these actions must be included within a business ecosystem that seeks synergy and collaboration between entities.

Union is strength and, at Concentrol, we know tof he importance of participating and being part of projects that bet on knowledge and continuous improvement. Joining the Packaging Cluster is an act that reflects the values that have allowed the chemical company to provide solutions all over the world: research, development and commercial alliances. This is, without a doubt, the recipe for growth and excellence.

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