A company is much more than an entity that offers products and services. As a part of society, at Concentrol we are clear that we have to collaborate with initiatives that lead to the common good, and sport is one of them. Last Saturday, November 9, the chemical solutions company was present at the GEiEG women’s absolute category water polo match against CN Molins de Rei.

It is not the first time that Concentrol collaborates and supports GEiEG. On November 2 of this year, the chemical company was one of the sponsors of the Sant Narcís Cup 2019. It was a very special event for the sports organisation, as the event commemorated the centenary of GEiEG.

The GEiEG is the “Grup Excursionista i Esportiu Gironí”, an important Girona entity that promotes sport and culture. As they say, not only form athletes, but also people. It offers training and space for sports such as fencing, fitness, running, triathlon, paddle tennis, athletics, gymnastics, skiing, handball, mountains, water polo and swimming, among many others.

Being close to people is one of Concentrol’s priorities. In our DNA as a company it is written to actively support all those entities and activities that are positive for society as a whole. It is not only about the activity and service that they offer, but especially about the human formation that they transmit. GEiEG and Concentrol share essential values such as cooperation, improvement, health and training.