Once again, Girona has served as the meeting point for companies and entrepreneurs during the recent trade fair “Fira de Mostres”, which took place from October 28th to November 1st at the Fira de Girona venue. In this vital event for the local business community, Concentrol shared space at booth 122 of the Girona Chamber of Commerce, which this year focused on showcasing the internationalization of local businesses under the theme “Made in Girona”.

Concentrol, renowned for its leadership in the chemical sector and its commitment to quality and innovation, played a prominent role in this edition by aligning itself with the Chamber’s objectives related to expansion and international recognition. Through its participation, it reaffirmed its position as a key player in the region’s export industry, demonstrating the capacity and dynamism that characterize the local industrial sector.

The “Fira de Mostres” brought together a diverse range of sectors, including high technology, decoration, construction, rehabilitation, housing, and, importantly, food and industry. Beyond being a platform for products and services, the fair acted as a centre for knowledge and shared experiences, offering visitors a variety of activities such as workshops, conferences, and roundtable discussions, which fostered the exchange of ideas and networking among professionals.

With its successful participation at the Girona Trade Fair, Concentrol not only strengthened its reputation as a forward-thinking company but also contributed to the growth of the region’s business network. Its presence conveyed a clear message: “We innovate with chemistry to make a positive impact on society and the planet”. This motto underscores the company’s commitment to sustainable development and responsible innovation, principles that define Concentrol’s journey and its goal of creating a positive change in economic, social, and environmental aspects.