Is a new silicone surfactant intended for use in the production of flexible slabstock polyurethane foam. Due to its special chemical structure, it provides maximum stability and has a high nucleating effect on the foam cells while offering the desired open celled foam, being specially indicated for formulations with medium, low and very low density (16 to 30 kg/m3).
The dosage should be adjusted to each polyurethane formulation. Usually between 0.5 up to 1.25 parts (weight of polyol) is necessary.
It is a non-hydrolizable additive; therefore pre-mixing with the polyol part of the formulation is possible. If a non-reactive surfactant is needed, CONCENTROL STB PU-3140 is the surfactant of choice. Offering similar performance in flexible slabstock PU foams than CONCENTROL STB PU-3221, it has the advantage of being non reactive vs. any of the components, additives and catalysts usually found in these formulations.