Every company must bring value to society.
We strongly believe that, Concentrol´s main purpose is to make the world a better place and we work daily to make this ambitious goal a reality. For this reason, we cooperate with NGOs and work on humanitarian and social development projects. An example of this is the Alliance for Child Vaccination,, an initiative conceived by GAVI Alliance, which has the close collaboration of “La Caixa” Community Projects, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, and more than 3400 individuals and 1,842 companies, where Concentrol is included.

The Alliance for Child Vaccination was born in 2008, bringing together forces and synergies with the firm mission of channeling contributions for the vaccination of children in the poorest countries. By facilitating the access of vaccines, it has been possible to vaccinate more than 5.3 million children around the world, saving the lives of many children.

Initiatives like this show the social commitment of all the collaborators through economic donations that are entirely used for child immunization. Access to vaccination reduces mortality and, consequently, reduces poverty levels by dedicating more effort to the progress and development of the region.

At Concentrol, we continue betting to become, day after day, an agent of social dynamization and economic and scientific development. One of our forces is in the process of internationalization in which the chemical company is immersed for more than two decades. Fulfilling the goal of reaching our solutions across the globe also goes through putting our grain of sand in improving the social and economic conditions of the most impoverished areas.