One of Concentrol’s main commitments is research and knowledge. And, in order to devise the best solutions, it is necessary to count with innovative and competent professionals. For this reason, the chemical company opens the doors of training to its workers. Adrià López, a current technician, arrived at Concentrol with a master’s degree internship. After 7 years, he has presented his thesis “Application of the GPC technique to the analysis of polymers of industrial interest”, thus completing a stage of personal and professional development.

Adrià López’ doctoral thesis focuses on one of the most widely used compounds in the chemical industry, polymers. It is a study that delves into some of the many research fields around the physicochemistry of polymers, such as their chemical characterisation, the analysis of their molecular weight (PM) and their dispersion (DPM). All this, in order to improve the quality of analysis of the products currently manufactured at Concentrol.

This work also includes the synthesis and characterisation of a wide range of polymers for the production of surfactants and the subsequent evaluation of these in different polyurethane systems. The aim is to find the relationship between the molecular weight and structure of the surfactants with the final properties of the foams in order to design new surfactants that improve or provide new properties to polyurethane foams. Furthermore, in this thesis, research has been carried out on the synthesis of non-precious metal-based catalysts for the synthesis of surfactants to replace the current platinum ones.

Thus, Concentrol’s technician Adrià López closes a long stage of effort and a lot of dedication. The presentation was a reflection of all the work carried out during these years and served to give the deserved end: the doctoral thesis received the note of excellent cum laude. From the chemical company, we would like to thank Dr. Miquel Costas and Dr. Josep Nadal for their contribution to the industrial doctoral programme of the Generalitat and the UdG.

Knowledge and development depend on human value. For this reason, at Concentrol we are committed to talent and to the new professionals in the sector who help us grow day after day as a company. The success of Adrià López’ doctoral thesis is also Concentrol’s success, since all his work is fertile ground where we can build better than yesterday and make the best solutions mature for our clients.