The first new moon of the first lunar month always welcomes a Chinese new year. And, this year, the Chinese calendar, which is lunar in nature, has marked the beginning of the new year as January 25th. Thus, China, one of the great powers in the global economy, kicks off the Year of the Metal Rat, the first of the animals in the twelve-year cycle of the Chinese zodiac. From Concentrol, we want to congratulate the Chinese New Year to all our collaborators and customers in the most populated country in the world.

China is one of the countries with the greatest impact on the world market, playing a fundamental role in the polyurethane sector. At Concentrol we maintain a close collaboration with the country; and it is not a coincidence: it is a leading market in the production of vehicles and footwear worldwide, as well as exporting a large volume of paints. Precisely, these sectors are totally strategic for the chemical solutions company in the Mold Release and Chemical Specialties divisions.

Concentrol presents solutions for the automotive industry with a wide range of polyurethane release agents and key silicone stabilizers for the manufacture of seats, soundproofing, trays, carpets, fuel filters and an vast number of other components. Also, the chemical company has options for the polyurethane sole footwear market: release agents for polyurethane soles, stabilizers for polyurethane foams and water-based and thermofuse stickers. Finally, in the paint sector we find anti-foaming agents, wax and silicone emulsions and wetting agents, to give the desired properties in paints.

The Year of the Rat represents the beginning of a new cycle, with new opportunities and new beginnings. According to the legend, it was the winning animal in the race that was held to determine the order of the 12 zodiac animals. The Chinese horoscope states that this year will be a year of success and aspirations; a good time to undertake new projects. From Concentrol, we wish all our partners and clients that the predictions of the Year of the Rat will be fulfilled and, thus, we will be able to continue working together and achieve our shared goals.