One of the forces of Concentrol is its commitment to knowledge and technical and scientific progress. One of the ways to keep in touch with the latest developments in the sector is attending events, where multiple professional and technical experts gather. On the 25th, 26th and 27th of March, Foam Expo North America was held in Michigan (United States). The chemical company attended as a visitor to the fair, as it was a good opportunity to establish new business alliances and learn about the latest technological advances in various Concentrol fields.

This year, Foam Expo North America was an important meeting point for professionals, businesspeople, technicians and specialists in new applications designs, manufacturing processes and current trends for automobile, aerospace, packaging, construction, medicine and sports and leisure. Indeed, one of the main objectives of the fair is to bring together hundreds of specialists in the same place in order to connect suppliers with industrial and commercial agents.

In addition, it should be noted especially that Foam Expo North America has the function of becoming a place to establish new B2B business connections with global representatives of all segments of the technical foam supply chain. For this reason, the visit of Concentrol to the fair was of great interest, since technical foam is the pillar of the Division of demolders, with anti-foaming agents for polyurethane foams and stabilizers for polyurethane foams.

Concentrol continues to engage with the technical and scientific learning, taking into account the needs of our customers and always looking for the best solutions. We do not understand the company without the research process carried out on a daily basis, and it implies always being in direct contact with the latest developments in the sector.