The city of Novi, in the U.S. state of Michigan, hosted in March 6 to 8 the second edition of the main fair in the country dedicated to foam technology. With the aim of bringing together foam manufacturers and producers, and buyers of their products and services, generally covering all the foam industry, dealing with raw materials, chemical products, processes, machinery and all the associated services, the fair also featured numerous conferences. In addition, the fair presented molded, rigid and flexible foam solutions using materials ranging from urethanes to elastomeric materials such as rubber and PVC, as well as a range of manufacturers of equipment and machinery and suppliers of foam services.

This second edition of the event hosted 291 exhibitors and more than 5,000 attendees, thus achieving great figures. Apart from this, conferences were offered by more than 60 different speakers, which included all the different areas of foam and their different final markets: automobile, aerospace, packaging, sports, medical and construction, among others.

The American market, where the headquarters of Concentrol USA Corp (Dallas, Texas) are located, is of great importance for Concentrol, which is why we were present at the fair with a stand, number 114 specifically. The fair, even before being celebrated, already showed great interest in Concentrol’s products and solutions, publishing on its website the study carried out in our laboratories about innovation in mold release agents for polyurethane foams and more specifically the electrostatic ones, their applications and their benefits. You can consult this article on the Foam Expo North America website or on our Research Blog.