A few months ago we shared the news that we had renewed Concentrol’s website and annouced that soon it would be available in more languages. From now on, French and German versions of our site are also available. This decision reflects our desire to reach out more effectively to new markets and to everyone who might be interested in Concentrol’s projects and products.

Following the commitment to excellence that characterizes our work, we continue making our products more accessible and disseminating our knowledge and findings with the aim of providing information to anyone who might be interested.

On top of the new languages, on our new website you can also find:

· Media: videos and audiovisual material

Video is the king of content in today’s communication, so we have incorporated a new section where you can find audiovisual content created by CONCENTROL

· Downloadable material

We have made available to anyone who might be interested, downloadable PDF documents that explain the different products we offer for each industry in detail.

· Research Blog

At CONCENTROL we invest a significant portion of our budget to research and testing, and now, we want to share the progress and results of the experiments performed in our labs with everyone.

· A product finder: an accurate and easy search

We have added a product finder with an advanced search engine for anyone looking for a particular product or more information about the products we offer. Now you’ll be able to find it faster, accurately and easily.