To improve every day compared to the previous one is a principle of Concentrol. And this is only possible by betting on knowledge and research and being close to the reality of the chemical sector. Last November 11th and 12th, Xavier Sánchez, Area Manager of Concentrol, with the collaboration of TechBro, carried out a training day in the Pre Jornadas del Querétaro 2019 (lit. Pre-Conferences of the Querétaro 2019 event). The presentation, which revolved around the choice of a release agent for the footwear sector, was a great success.

The training day served as a loudspeaker for Concentrol’s outstanding research work. Divided into three points, it was able to inform attendees of the criteria to be taken into account when choosing one release agent or another for polyurethane footwear.

In addition, the market trends for polyurethane release agent were also presented, as well as specific products such as water-based release agent for Pylon or for bi-density. Finally, Concentrol’s Sánchez took a look at one of the most essential issues: sustainability. Sánchez explained the latest sustainable solutions, based on minimum VOCs and why they are the line to follow to reduce our negative impact on the planet.

The Pre Jornadas were also an opportunity to nourish ourselves with new ideas and knowledge on specific issues that affect professionals in the chemical sector. Concentrol took advantage of the good synergies generated during the conference to establish new fields of focus and new commercial alliances. So much so that the Area Manager of the chemical solutions company was able to establish contacts with professionals from Mexico, Peru and Argentina.

At Concentrol, we value very positively the attendance to the Pre Jornadas del Querétaro 2019. On the one hand, it allowed us to get to know the research process, which is vital for the company, and to share knowledge with other professionals in the sector. And, on the other hand, the conference became a point of connection between professionals and experts in the chemical sector, making it possible to establish new commercial alliances.