Opening the doors to students facilitates the transmission of knowledge and new ideas, while allowing to be in direct contact with the new talent. On March 28, students of “Entrepreneurship and Family Business” were able to visit the facilities of Concentrol and get to know the company from the inside.

Entrepreneurship and Family Business is a class taught in the Master’s Degree in Entrepreneurship and Business Development at the University of Girona. This course has the objective of teaching the needs and problems of a company, in terms of succession and professionalization. In addition, it deals with the management of family businesses and protocols to prevent and resolve conflicts that may arise from them.

Jaume Guardia, the General Director of Concentrol, was in charge of attending and guiding the students’ visit. During the day, visitors were able to learn about the production and manufacturing activities of the chemical company, and the functions and tasks performed for each of the three divisions: food, mold release agents and chemical specialties. But, especially, Concentrol was able to show the reality of the company and explain how it is coordinated and managed.

Maintaining a constant and direct contact with the academic world is one of the pillars of Concentrol to be always close to the transmission of knowledge and the solutions that are proposed to face the needs of a changing world. Since 2015, Concentrol is part of the board of the Superior Polytechnic School of the University of Girona, with the aim of promoting study, knowledge and participation in academic projects and research.