One of Concentrol’s goals is to be, day after day, an agent of development and research. This is the only possible way to bring the best solutions to customers. In this line, the chemical company constantly collaborates with scientific and technical dissemination entities to share part of this internal research process. Last September, the magazine Técnica del Calzado published the second part of the article by Àngel Rodríguez and Joaquim Serra, members of Concentrol’s technical team.

The research work of Concentrol’s technicians focuses on the relevant factors to be taken into account when betting on a polyurethane release agent. The study indicates that the mold temperatures, the type of polyol used, the sole finish, the painting process and the degreaser are key elements in order to choose the best polyurethane release agent solution. We must bear in mind that the article, published in the last edition of Técnica del Calzado, is the continuation of the work already published in February in edition 236.

Técnica del Calzado is a magazine specialized in the footwear industry. Even so, the medium also gathers knowledge about design and avant-garde technology: machines, computer systems, new components and materials. With an audience of 9,000 users per launch, the magazine has established itself as one of the most important in the Spanish-language footwear sector, crossing European borders and reaching Latin America and the rest of the world.

At Concentrol we do not conceive our activity without a commitment to knowledge and progress. In a world in constant change, we have to adapt to the material conditions of each moment. Only in this way can we bring the best solutions all over the world. In addition, going hand in hand with other entities that watch over the research and development of the sector makes it possible to join forces to row together towards the same direction.

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