Another year, from Concentrol we want to wish you all a happy holiday season and a prosperous new year. Now that some very special dates are coming up, it is the ideal moment to evaluate and draw conclusions from this year; and, above all, to get energy and strength to face the one that is coming up.

New challenges and new projects await us during this 2020. We hope to continue working hand in hand with our great team, partners and associates to continue the successes of recent years. We know clearly that only by joining forces and creating strong alliances can we achieve our most vital goal: to bring the best solutions to everyone.

This year, to congratulate Christmas to all our workers, collaborators and clients, we have made a special delivery of Leaders of the Unseen. In the last edition of the year, we presented you with the most appropriate solutions from Concentrol for the season: silicone stabilizers for thermal and acoustic insulation; antifoams and wax and silicone emulsions for decorative paints; release agents and water-based contact adhesives for resting systems; coatings for cheese and sausages; wax and silicone surface additives for varnishes; and additives for wrapping paper.

Also, we want to inform you about the new schedule for these holidays. Our offices will be closed from Monday 23rd December until 29th December. Also, during January 1st the company will not be open due to holidays.

Concentrol’s strength is due to the human team formed by workers, partners and associates. All of them, betting day by day on the philosophy of the chemical company: product quality, research and development, new ideas and commercial alliances. Therefore, our greatest wish for this new year is to continue working by your side: together, we are stronger.