Even if you don’t see them, they are there. Have you ever stopped to think about all the bits that make our day-to-day life possible?
That’s why one of Concentrol’s goals is to be “leaders of the unseen”. In the latest instalment, the company sheds light on polyurethane footwear solutions.

A basic part of our lives that plays a key role in one of the most popular objects in everyday life: shoes.
Concentrol presents multiple solutions in polyurethane footwear. Firstly, for bidensity boots there is a product to facilitate and achieve effective disassembly and enable subsequent assembly.

Additionally, it also offers solutions in polyurethane shoe mold release agents, based on different concentrations: solvents, water, tin-free, for dilution, electrostatic, satin, glossy or matte finish.

In previous editions, “Leaders of the unseen” unveiled other essential solutions in our daily lives: thermal insulation, manufacturing of sofas, walls and soles of shoes and fundamental applications in the transport sector. With this new instalment, the company wants to show the decisive role that bidensity products and mold release agents play in the manufacture of footwear.

Our day to day hides many secrets. Even if we are not aware of them, there are many pieces that need to fit together to make an object functional. At Concentrol we make available to customers all our research work, in order to bring all these “unseen” pieces that are essential for our daily lives.