The daily and necessary use of chemical products is again the centre of the “Leaders of the unseen” campaign, which now presents its fifth installment. “You may not see us, but we are there” is the communicative slogan that wants to raise awareness of the importance of chemicals in our day to day.

The fifth installment of ‘Leaders of the unseen is focused on the Concentrol mold release agents division, specifically in the applications of polyurethane in the transport sector. The campaign wants to raise awareness of the relevance of polyurethane foams in the transportation of goods with regulated temperature, since they avoid leaks and thermal bridges. The stabilizers and release agents that are manufactured in Concentrol have a very important role in the production of these polyurethane foams.

The final message of the campaign is that without the chemicals, products we use daily would not exist, and the references we manufacture at Concentrol can make our home and workplace safer.

In previous deliveries we have communicated the importance of chemical elements in cars, walls and household items, as well as in the soles of our shoes. Polyurethane panels and silicone stabilizers were the focus in the previous delivery, based on the applications at home.

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