The ORDISOL SWT family consists of a wide range of silicone surface additives that offer the best solution for formulators seeking to improve coating surface properties. These additives are organofunctional silicones, composed of non-hydrolyzable polysiloxane and polyether copolymers, which provide excellent stability under extreme conditions such as high temperatures or corrosive environments.

This family has been divided into two product ranges: Substrate and Anticrater Wetting Agents and Surface Control Additives.

Substrate and Anticrater Wetting Agents are specially designed for printing inks and aqueous systems, where it is necessary to drastically lower surface tension. In this type of coatings it is very important, since they present a poor wetting of the substrate due to the high surface tension of the water. In this range of products, Concentrol offers additives capable of reducing the surface tension of water to values close to 20 mN/m. They are also ideal for improving leveling and reducing craters on contaminated surfaces.

Two new references have recently been added to the product portfolio: 

  •   Ordisol SWT-28: specially designed for aqueous systems, printing inks and overprint varnishes with a strong reduction of surface tension improving wetting and leveling. It is a suitable additive for systems that do not contain organic cosolvents.
  •   Oridsol SWT-49: specially designed for aqueous and adhesive systems, improving leveling and fluidity. It offers a strong reduction in surface tension with very low foaming in all systems.

On the other hand, Surface Control Additives are ideal for both solvent-based, solvent-free and aqueous systems. These additives improve leveling and flow while reducing craters. In addition, they modify the surface properties of the coating, being able to improve mechanical properties such as resistance to scratching or abrasion.

Ordisol SWT-35 has recently been included in this range of products. A universal additive that offers a good anticrater effect and an improvement in surface slip. It is suitable for improving scratch resistance and increasing gloss. In addition, it has a certain defoaming effect, which is why it stabilizes the foam much less than other additives of polysiloxane and polyether copolymers.

Concentrol always seeks to offer the ideal solution for each client’s need. For this reason, its development department is constantly experimenting with innovative formulations. This work philosophy, focusing on the needs of each sector in the development of products, has consolidated Concentrol as a leading corporation.