One of the strongest points of Concentrol lies in its internationalization. For more than 20 years, the chemical company has set itself the goal of being able to deliver its solutions to the entire planet. In this line, it is vital to showcase the Concentrol products and establish a strong network of collaborators, owners and distributors in the 5 continents. On April 10, 11 and 12, UTECH Las Américas was held in Mexico City. Just like in the previous edition of the event, the chemical company again actively participated from its stand 527 and, especially, through the presentation ‘Optimization of the release agents from the application and throughout the process with the to reduce waste.

UTECH Las Americas was a very important appointment in the agenda of Concentrol, since it has become an outstanding meeting point for the leading companies in the industrial sector of the global PU family. At the same time, as well as being a space for spreading technical and scientific knowledge for the polyurethane market, the fair managed to gather and put in contact a large number of producers and distributors of the sector.

Concentrol, from stand 527, was able to show and exhibit their work and products, with their families of release agents, stabilizers and other auxiliary products for polyurethane. It is worth highlighting, above all, the presentation offered by Carlos Alonso, technician of the demolition agents division. Under the name of “Optimization of the agents of liberation from the application and throughout the whole process in order to reduce waste”, the conference was of great interest for attendees and participants of the event.

The presentation on the study of Concentrol revolved around these points of interest: the release agents as one of the most important chemical products by the manufacturers of molded polyurethane foams; the problem of misuse by users and how to instruct them through technical recommendations to avoid these problems; and finally, the key factors for the proper handling of the release agents.

From Concentrol we make an extremely positive assessment of repeating participation in UTECH Las Americas. Much of the strength of the chemical company is due to the international vocation and the firm commitment to research. We are clear that only with the help of our collaborators and allies can we achieve our main objective: to get the Concentrol solutions from the three divisions across the planet.