Concentrol has always allocated a special effort to look at the impact of the company in a global way, assuming the commitment to generate a positive impact on society. To gauge this impact, the company is based on the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

These are a series of goals that were established by the United Nations Organization (UN) in 2015 and that aim to address the main challenges facing the world in terms of development, such as climate change, extreme poverty, inequality and lack of access to basic services. The chemical company has decided to implement the SDGs in its operation, in order to contribute to the achievement of these global goals.

The objectives, which were born from the commitment of 193 nations, want to be a starting point to encourage the growth of our society, impacting future generations. The company has analyzed each of the areas of impact to strengthen those in which it has a lower impact and evaluate the current actions.


Water and energy

Within the framework of an ISO14001 environmental management certification, we guarantee efficient water management. Water consumption of most equipment is also controlled to have better control and internal planning is carried out in lines and specialized equipment by product families to avoid unnecessary cleaning and thus reduce its consumption.

One of the fields in which Concentrol has put the most zeal, is the increase in efficiency, polluting reduction and ecological footprint. In recent years, the company has promoted a change in the management of heat energy that has meant the saving of 243 tons per year.

A new steam boiler has increased performance, heating water also taking advantage of combustion gases with a continuous feeding system. It is estimated that fuel saving is 5%, decreasing also the emission of CO2.

New insulation allows us to reduce thermal energy losses with a saving between 15 and 18%.

The company has implemented various measures to increase the energy efficiency of its processes, such as the installation of high efficiency equipment and the use of renewable energy. In addition, the company’s facilities have photovoltaic panels. Moreover, the provider with which we have hired the supply of energy certifies that it is 100% from renewable sources.

The photovoltaic installation at Concentrol’s facilities allows us to take advantage of solar energy as a source of renewable and sustainable energy. This allows us to reduce our energy consumption. In addition, solar energy is a clean and abundant source of energy, so it allows Concentrol to contribute to sustainable development and a more resilient economy.

In 2013, the first 51 KWP photovoltaic plant was installed, which has been generating 86,000 kWh per year. In 2021 it was extended up to 100 KWP doubling the generation to 170,000 kWh per year.

In 2022 the company executed the third extension to 457 KWP on the roofs of the car park that will represent a generation of 560,000 kWh annually, approximately 25% of the company’s energy consumption in its production centre of Riudellots de la Selva.

There are still numerous challenges to overcome, which is why we are committed to continuing to work in pursuit of a sustainable future, and we hope to continue with the support and collaboration of all interested parties to achieve it.

Although we have advanced considerably in our way to the implementation of the SDGs, there is still much to do. But we are willing to assume the challenge, and we hope to continue with everyone’s support to achieve our goals.