This October, the theatre festival Temporada Alta in Girona has begun. Concentrol, once again, is part of the Patronage Club. The festival consists of 97 shows that include international programming (20), Catalan authorship (58), and contemporary creation (26).

In charge of opening the festival was “Isabella’s room”, a love story and one of the most applauded shows by Jan Lauwers and the Needcompany. During the first few weeks, the production of Théâtre des Bou es du Nord of the opera “Traviata” could be seen, where the barriers between actors, singers and musicians broke sharing the stage, as well as the applauded “Un enemigo del pueblo”by Àlex Rigola.

Temporada Alta will continue to offer essential titles until December, such as the “Slava’s Snowshow” a clown show where you can enjoy a world of fantasy for the whole family, “Requiem pour L” where artist Alain Platel invites Sub-Saharans musicians to finish the Requiem by Mozart, or “La neta del senyor Linh”, a fable about exile, loneliness and identity with Lluís Homar as an actor.

The Patronage Club is formed by more than 80 companies with very varied dimensions and sectors that support the festival. From Concentrol we are very happy to continue participating in an important event such as Temporada Alta, thanks to which we have the luxury of enjoying a good selection of plays in our city. This small contribution allows us to share with our collaborators social activities linked to culture.