After discovering the chemicals hidden behind our cars and houses, the “Leaders of the unseen” campaign shows in its third ad, how Concentrol’s products make our shoe soles possible.

In this third installment of the campaign we can see how release agents and silicone stabilizers play a role in the manufacture of shoe soles. While release agents are used in any type of polyurethane sole, silicone stabilizers improve the emulsification of its components, offering stabilization in the foam expansion process.

During 2017 Concentrol launched the first two pieces of the communication campaign “Leaders of the unseen”, a campaign that was born with the aim of showing how a large number of objects and elements that play a fundamental role in our daily life depend on chemical products to exist, and how Concentrol makes this possible.

Although we cannot see them, once again we can see that chemicals play a fundamental role in our daily lives.