Research and development of new solutions is one of Concentrol’s main goals. In this line, the company collaborates with specialized international media to disseminate knowledge and show the developments and news. This past month, Urethanes Technology International magazine mentioned an article, written by Ángel Rodríguez and Quim Serra from the Technical Department, about Concentrol’s new range of hybrid release agents.

The company has developed a wide range of hybrid release agents that contain just a 30% of solvent. These products allow the effective maintenance of the mold while reducing the amount of VOC in the workplace. This is an improvement that affects both the workers themselves, who are less exposed to the inspiration of potentially toxic particles, and the environment, with the reduced emission of polluting gases.

Publicizing this advance in UTI magazine represents reaching out to professionals of the polyurethane sector on a global scale. This media has unrivalled global coverage that allows them to cover industry news and events from North America, Europe, Latin America, South America, and the East. In this way, they can keep readers up-to-date on news and progress made in the development of solutions for the polyurethane industry.

In Concentrol’s DNA we find a firm commitment to knowledge and research. We are sure that without research there are no possible developments and, therefore, it is the only possible way to solve the needs of our clients and society. Nowadays, it is essential that companies do their bit to combat the environmental crisis. At Concentrol, sustainability is one of the subjects that guides the development of new products.