Domingo Encuadernaciones began its activity 42 years ago, based on the techniques of artisanal book binding. Looking for an improvement in production capacity and to take a step forward, in the last years they have decided to innovate on industrial binding processes, working with the newest machinery available and with the goal to ensure a great quality in their products.

The book binding industry demands from suppliers the highest quality in the final product, since a poor production of a book affects the image of all the actors involved in its creation, from the publisher or writer, through the printer and the binder and even the bookseller. With the goal of guaranteeing the high level of quality that is required, Domingo Encuadernaciones opted to work with Concentrol, for our commitment to excellence in all the chemical solutions we provide.


With Concentrol PROMELT PUR adhesives, Domingo Encuadernaciones has achieved the highest quality standards, providing the final product with an impeccable finish and an excellent performance in its bindings. This solution consists of a reactive polyurethane Hotmelt, a high quality adhesive that is temperature-stable and flexible, ideal for long-lasting bindings. This hot-melt adhesive can be melted at lower temperatures than most hotmelt adhesives, which also results in considerable energy savings for the customer.

Domingo Encuadernaciones works with a large number of different materials: papers, inks, varnishes, etc. and required a polyvalent adhesive to work on all types of book bindings. Thanks to Concentrol, they have been able to identify the perfect solution for each of their production lines, while always maintaining the highest quality on the finished product.

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